5 Pretty and Practical Eid Outfits

Eid is a celebratory time, but it’s also often a busy time. So I wanted to give you some outfit ideas that are both special and practical.

I was thinking of doing a series of Eid/special occasion posts every day for a week, but after enjoying the extra juicy post I made yesterday so much, I’ve decided to do one post with several outfits. So, you get them all now!

Also, you need time to order them if you want to have them on time, don’t you? I’m compiling whole outfits from the same shop, so you don’t have to pay for delivery more than once (and could even get free delivery). I suggest you order right now, though, if you want to receive them in time.

1. Pink and Cream Stripes – Dorothy Perkins

I love the unusual shape of this dress, so I had to build an outfit around it! Wear with loose black trousers (everyone has a pair of those in their wardrobe, right?) and black or pale pink shoes.


 Ivory Stripe Midi Dress: see in shop.


Black Relaxed Tuxedo Jacket: see in shop.


Cream Foil Spotted Scarf: see in shop.


Rose Gold Glitter Circle Lariat Necklace: see in shop.

2. Rusted Flowers – M&Co

What a gorgeous coloured skirt for a celebration!

I am assuming that the jacket sleeves can be unbuttoned and rolled down to become full length.


Satin Maxi Skirt: see in shop.


Floral Woven Front Top: see in shop.


Draped Linen Jacket: see in shop.

3. Dotty for Eid – Modanisa UK

I really love the elegant and simple style of this dress.

There are limited sizes in stock but lots of colours so have a look.



Grey Polka Dot Dress: see in shop.


Beige Patterned Shawl: see in shop.

4. Ditsy Navy and Pink – ASOS

For a more casual look, how about this?

ditsy floral dress

ASOS: see in shop.

pink trousers

ASOS: see in shop.

Navy cardigan

Cardigan in Rib with Button Detail: see in shop.

5. Monochrome Geometry – La Redoute

For this outfit I decided to choose a plain central piece and then add the party with the rest!


Maxi Dress with Shoestring Straps: see in shop.


Tribal Print Jacket: see in shop.


Printed Grey Scarf: see in shop.


Perforated Ballet Pumps: see in shop.

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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