Kimono Krazy: Short Kimonos.

Light, loose and long, what’s not to love? Kimonos are great options for those outfits that¬†could do with that bit extra coverage. Or just to add some colour! I was going to make this a general post of kimonos, but there are so many that I’ve decided to focus on the shorter variations. I will make another one for long options. When it comes to kimonos, short means around hip length, of course.

1. VITOKYO KIMONO Short-Sleeved V-Neck Kimono РLa Redoute

Starting with something simple, this one is decorated with a discrete beige-gold, geometric pattern. (This is between short and long so…)

2. Cameo Rose Cream Floral Kimono – New Look

Another light coloured one, this time all about the flowers.

3. Y.A.S. Dora Kimono – ASOS

Heading to the other end of the spectrum, how about this?

4. Mela Navy Floral Chiffon Kimono – New Look

Let’s have some colour now, shall we?

Here’s a mystery: this kimono by Yumi looks exactly the same as the one below but is almost double the price. Any explanations? I can’t find one.

5. Mela Navy Lace Kimono – New Look

Contrary to the usual heavily patterned fabric, this kimono is based on a lace-like design.

It’s currently only in stock in “small”, but there is a pale pink one that’s also pretty and available in S-L.

Bonus: White Stuff Selvedge Stitch Kimono – House of Fraser

This one is a step above the others in terms of fabric quality and is a bit more sturdy in its structure (it even has pockets!). I wanted to put it at number 1, but decided to add it as an extra since it’s a bit more pricey than the average.

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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