Simple, Black and On Your Back: Little black backpacks

A while ago, I showed you some small floral backpacks I thought you might like. Depending on the occasion and personal taste, though, you might want something a bit more toned down. So, I decided to write a post specifically highlighting small black backpacks. We’ve already established that you can’t go wrong with black!

1. Black Quilted Backpack – Apricot

Did Apricot see this blog post coming? What a start! Simple with a little extra quilted texture, black to match all and just the right size for a day around town, what more could you need?

2. Fiorelli Anouk Backpack – Black – Very

This one is simple but elegant. It has several pockets – you can never have too many pockets in my opinion – including an external one.

3. Velvet Mini Backpack – Very

The suede-like fabric of this one makes a bit of a change. It is quite small and doesn’t have pockets, so is best suited to popping to the shops or on a simple trip out.

4. Black Mini Backpack – New Look

Skipping the zip closure, we have a drawstring and popper option here. It’s also a different shape to most backpack choices.

5. Mi-Pac Canvas Fold Top Backpack in Black – ASOS

I think I’m cheating a bit with this one since it’s a bit bigger than the “small” I promised. But I like it! It’s got an unusual structure and it’s made of canvas. Go on, let me off and have a look anyway. In sha Allah, I’ll make another post about larger backpack options later.

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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