Flowers and Squares, Everywhere(s): Patterned Maxi Skirts

When it comes to challenging clothing to find, I think maxi skirts (no splits, no clingy jersey, no transparent fabric) top the list. So, today I decided to do a post of patterned maxi skirts, since I’ve already done one on special occasion skirts and formal maxi skirts.

These can be worn with blouses, long shirts, as I showed in this previous blog post (my first post, actually), or long-sleeved t-shirts like these.

1. Khaki and Cream Paisley Sunflower Print Maxi Skirt – Apricot

I do enjoy a nice bit of floral pattern, so here’s a khaki paisley pattern. This skirt is also available in monochrome.

2. Plain Straight Maxi Skirt – La Redoute

I like the simple cross-stitch style pattern of this navy skirt! For a lighter touch, take a look at the ecru version.

3. White Stuff Milena Maxi Print Border Skirt – House of Fraser

This one is not just pretty but also comfortable with a drawstring waist and soft fabric.

Modesty note: I think this one is a bit more see-through than others so don’t forget your underskirt!

4. Fat Face Amber Jewel Geo Maxi Skirt, Indigo – John Lewis

This one has pockets which I really love in skirts. I wish all skirts were made with them! I’m also quite a fan of Fat Face’s semi-casual, quality style.

5. hush Printed Maxi Skirt, Botanical Print – John Lewis

We started with a floral print, then had quite a lot of geometric designs, so let’s finish with some more flowers (and another navy skirt – how did that happen!).

Matching bonus: Lilac Long Sleeved Jumper – New Look

For a lot of you, temperatures haven’t quite reached “hot” yet, so a light jumper is still a decent idea. How about this plain, loose-fit jumper to wear with the skirts for a casual look?

Also available in black, cream, navy, red, bright pink (ouch?), and yellow.

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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