We’re Getting Serious: Plain Blazers

I don’t need to explain this one, really. They’re blazers. Everyone knows that blazers can take pretty much any outfit up a notch on the formality scale. Let’s get into it.

1. Miss Selfridge Bow Sleeve Blazer – ASOS

Jumping right in with this lovely shade of pink and a little something extra on the sleeves.

2. White Eyelet Detail Blazer РNew Look

If you have bought one of the skirts in the special occasion maxi skirts post, then this blazer would match very nicely. It’s a special occasion type of colour and it is quite short so it won’t interfere with any tulle you might have going on.


3. Silver Tailored Blazer – Wallis

I spent so long looking for grey blazers last Autumn. I’m not one to know what’s “in” at any particular time, so it was only when a shop assistant pointed out that grey was really¬†not the colour of the season that my failed mission made sense. Now, though, it’s a different story so here you go!

4. Tailored Jacket – La Redoute

It wouldn’t be sensible to make a blazer list and not include a black one. Here’s a longish one.

Also available in navy and grey marl.

5. Lyocell Blazer – La Redoute

Whew, that colour!

Also available in black and nude.

Matching bonus: Blue Vanilla Navy Floral Print Maxi Dress – New Look

The print on this one is lovely and can be matched with any of the flower colours, really.

Modesty tip: The slip that comes with this dress is very short so you will need to wear an underskirt (although, really, that’s the case with pretty much every dress and skirt anyway, but just saying).

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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