A Maxi Spring in your Step: Casual sleeveless maxi dresses

(I’m not going to apologise for the title. This is who I am. Teehee.)

The weather is changing and with the warmer days come maxi dresses (although, put your hand up with me if you stick through the winter days in maxi dresses anyway)! How do you like these to combine with a cardigan or long-sleeved shirt?

1. Halter Swing Maxi Dress – ASOS

Surely, one of the most useful items of clothing is a simple black (cotton) maxi dress. Even better, this one has a high neck so you have plenty of coverage.

2. Blue Vanilla Navy Abstract Print Tie Front Dress – New Look

A subtle colour combination brought to life with a vibrant pattern. You can calm it down a little with a plain-ish cardigan, I would say. (This dress is very low in stock so…)

Modesty tip: The lining on this dress is very short, so an additional, longer underskirt is necessary.

blue navy tie

See in shop: New Look

3. White and Stone Feather Print Maxi Dress – Apricot

A lovely pattern on a dress that covers all the necessary areas. Just add a cardigan!

This dress is also available in black and white here.

4. Printed Maxi Dress with Belt – La Redoute

Here’s a pattern that is interesting but not too loud, in the classic monochromatic combo.

5. Superdry Tiered Tie Maxi Dress – Very

I’m really tempted to buy this one on the spot! I love the colour and pattern combination – subtle but stylish for a casual day out.

Matching bonus: Black Longline Cardigan – New Look

Also available in olive, navy, and dark purple (as well as light pink, but that one is a little translucent).




Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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