A Little Bit of Sparkle: Special occasion maxi skirts

A really elegant maxi skirt matched with a simple blazer and some accessories can be a great outfit for a wedding when you’re not directly related to the couple but still want to dress up.

I’ve noticed that the high-low skirt is definitely one of the latest styles coming into fashion now; it gives you a hint of promise of a maxi skirt, then slaps you in the face for being so optimistic (there are some very nice ones around). Well, too bad, high-low, we don’t need you!

1. Needle and Thread Metallic Chiffon Maxi Skirt – ASOS

Nothing says special occasion like a tulle skirt! This one has metallic texture added to the outer fabric layer for extra sparkle.

Also available in silver.

2. Jacques Vert Women’s Foil Pleat Skirt – Jacques Vert/Amazon

Something with a bit more shine (not sure why the model is standing so glumly; cheer up, luv).

Amazon: see in shop.

3. Little Mistress Maxi Tulle Skirt

Here’s another tulle with a slightly different effect, going for a bolder navy colour.

Also available in mink, lilac, and cream.

4. Zamira Maxi Skirt – Monsoon

Looking for simple elegance?


Image Source: Monsoon

5. Eliza J Floral Jacquard Ballgown Skirt – House of Fraser

I thought I’d leave this one till the end. If you are really looking to make an impact (and are ready to pay), take a look at this.


House of Fraser: see in shop.

Matching bonus: Oasis Asymmetric Sequin Top – House of Fraser

This is only available in large at the moment, but I like it so here it is (if large fits you, all the better!).


House of Fraser: see in shop.

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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