Day Off? Still Stylish: Casual long tops to wear with wide trousers

When it comes to wearing trousers outside, there are many opinions and approaches. This is my blog so I’m going to go with mine [insert my self-satisfied grin while I typed that]. The general rule I have for myself is simple: the top must be long enough to cover (not just reach) my knees, at least. This ensures that when I sit down it doesn’t hike up. I think this gives a nice balance between the convenience of wearing trousers and still covering the parts of your legs that are more exposed by the shape trousers. As for trousers, I go for straight to pretty wide and nothing narrower (skinny jeans, you’d better turn around right now and walk away – this ain’t no place for you).

The problem, of course, is that it is pretty hard to find tops that fulfill this length requirement. Somehow, we have reached a moment in world history when many dresses that are designed to be worn on their own are so short that most people looking for a modest look can’t even wear them with trousers! There are still options, though. Let’s see what we’ve got. Today: casual, to be worn with wide trousers (that’s another tough one to find but don’t worry, I’ll be on the prowl).

1. Reclaimed Vintage Midi Dress In Check With Shirring – ASOS

Let’s start with this super casual and nicely voluminous pinafore dress. It has a pattern with personality but isn’t too loud and can be matched with jeans or other trousers.

Modesty tip: Clearly, some thought needs to go into the top half of this dress. I suggest a cardigan that you can close from the neck down.

2. Sleeveless Striped Midi Dress – La Redoute

A simple pattern and light material.


La Redoute: see in shop.

3. Vero Moda Tiered Midi Dress – ASOS

I really like this one, especially since it is 100% cotton! It can be matched with pretty much any colour and the style is simple enough not to clash with whatever you choose to wear it with.

4. Printed Button-Through Dress – La Redoute

I like the long sleeves and not-so-common pattern of the fabric! This one is button-down, so there is a split at the bottom that does reach above the knee – be aware of that when matching trousers.


La Redoute: see in shop.

5. Vila Floral Print Midi Shirt Dress – ASOS

Casual, but not too casual. You know what I mean.

Matching bonus: Wide Leg Skate Trousers – ASOS

Are you excited to wear these tops but don’t have suitable trousers? Here you go (I reckon you could actually get away with wearing these with any of the tops above).



Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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