Comfy, casual and cover-y: Simple dropped shoulder long-sleeved t-shirts

I’ve recently come to appreciate a good dropped shoulder top. I avoided such tops for a long time because I have quite a slim physique and previous experience with dropped shoulders in dresses made me look like I was drowning in a whale’s skin. A while ago, though, I bought a jersey dropped shoulder t-shirt on a whim and it became a solid favourite! I liked it so much I returned to the shop (website) a few months later to buy one in all the colours available, but disappointingly, they were no longer selling it. I’ve been on a mission to find similar options since! Here are some of my discoveries.

1. Rust Zip Long Sleeved Top – Apricot

I’m not a huge fan of zips as decorative pieces, but this one is quite understated. Also, I like the simplicity of the fabric and the extra coverage from the length. Not to mention, rust coloured tops always get my attention!

Also available in grey and teal.

2. Frill Sleeve Top – Wallis

This is for those who want a bit more flair without going crazy with the patterns!

3. Striped Crew Neck T-Shirt – La Redoute

Casual, stylish, with a little bit of shine.

4. Long Sleeve Longline T-Shirt – ASOS

I would like to buy one in each colour of these, frankly. As if the style is not attractive enough, they are made from 100% cotton!

Also available in khaki green, navy, white and striped.

5. Petite Navy Stripe – Wallis

A simple striped pattern that is mixed up a little to create a bright, easy-to-match effect.

6. Deconstructed T-Shirt with D-Ring Detail – ASOS

And now for something completely different.

Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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