Digging for Gold: The Maxi Skirt (Formal)

You see it from across the shop, between the short shorts and the skinny jeans, calling out your name. Its soft, flowing fabric sings, the pattern just the right balance between classy and ditsy. You steady your steps as you make your way towards it, reaching out in delight. You search through the hangers for your size – they have it! Lifting it gently off the rack you can’t believe it’s real, then, with an almost audible cackle, it shifts slightly and – horror of horrors – a monstrous slit runs up three quarters of the skirt. You hold in a howl of despair as you place it back it its place and make your way out of the shop as quickly as you can. You can’t face anymore disappointment!

I feel your pain. That’s why I’m going to get straight to the point: I’ve dug through the long slits and clingy jersey to unearth these treasures!

I’ll focus on more formal styles for this post. Don’t worry though, I intend to write more skirt posts. Ah yes, I do!

1. Nude Woven Maxi Skirt – Jane Norman – £20 (current sale price)

With a grey waistcoat and polka dot blouse this skirt could make quite the pretty picture! It’s also available in black.

[Link to shop]


Image credit: Jane Norman

2. Taffeta Skirt – Jacques Vert – £40.54 – £96.16

This is an unusual one as it is made of taffeta. For a business environment, you could combine this with a light blouse that doesn’t hang too far below the waist, so as to work with the A-line of the skirt.

3. Eloise Skirt – Ghost London – £55.30

You could probably use this as a regular, since the straight shape will match most top styles. There is a twist (literally) in the shape, though, so it is slightly different to a basic straight skirt!

Modesty tip: Given the straightness of this skirt, I would pair it with a longer top to cover the fitted nature of the hip area.

4. Belinda Maxi Skirt – Phase Eight – £75

There’s nothing like a simple navy maxi skirt when you’re in a rush to get on with life in the morning!

[Link to shop]


Image Source: Phase Eight


Note: Some of these items contain affiliate links. This means if you buy an item after clicking on it here, I will get a percentage of the profits.


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