A Stylish Coverage Boost: Longline Waistcoats

There are some lovely long-sleeved t-shirts out there, but I often find they can be a bit too revealing on their own, whether because they cling a little or aren’t as opaque as I’d like. For a long time, I just didn’t wear them outside the house, unless it was under a short-sleeved dress, but then I realised there was a simple and stylish solution: longline waistcoats! They’re also great for when your skirt feels a bit more snug up top than you’d like.

1. Women’s Ivory Longline Waistcoat – Debenhams – £16.50 (current sale price)

I like the unusual tie at the front of this waistcoat. Tied loosely, it can add some character without clinging. You could equally try tying it behind instead for a looser, open style.


Click here to buy.

2. Pointe Waistcoat, Grey – BHS – £12.50 (current sale price)

A formal style in casual jersey fabric, this grey waistcoat can be worn in a variety of situations. [Link to shop]

3. Cable Knit Waistcoat, neutral – BHS – £14 (current sale price)

This one dives into the deep end of knitwear with some beautiful cable patterns running down the front and back. Also available in grey. [Link to shop]

4. Women’s Light Pink Longline Petite Waistcoat – Debenhams – £16.50

Those of us on the petite side, this simple and elegant blush waistcoat is for you! It can be combined with so many colours and fabrics, you can really go all out.

petite pink waistcoat.jpg

Click here to buy.


These waistcoats would also look lovely over a shirt dress!


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